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Immigration Policy

Since the Council was formed in 1998, encouraging governments to enhance immigration flows to Manitoba has been a leading priority. Business leaders think immigration is important to Manitoba’s future for the same reasons that made it vital to our development. Manitoba needs people. Demographic realities are such that without attracting men, women and children from around the world, we will not reach our full potential as a province. We are pleased that these arguments have taken root. A wide community consensus has been achieved and commitments from government have been forthcoming.

When we began our efforts, the Canada Manitoba Immigration Agreement allowed for 200 immigrants and their families to be admitted to Manitoba per year. Now that number is 1500. When those targets were announced by Denis Coderre, Canada’s minister of immigration and the Honourable Becky Barrett, his Manitoba counterpart, both ministers publicly announced their objective of welcoming 10,000 immigrants per year to Manitoba, which would give this province its fair share of Canada’s immigration flow.

The Business Council will continue to cooperate with the governments of Canada and Manitoba, settlement agencies, ethnic groups and others to maximize the possibilities for those who arrive here. We will contribute positively to the recently promised Manitoba Immigration Council. Much has been accomplished; plenty of work awaits us.

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